Cloud VDS XL


Physical Cores 8
NVMe 480
Bandwidth 30 TB



Virtual Dedicated Servers

In contrast to shared hosting, which places numerous websites on a single physical server, VDS gives users access to a virtual server that they can customize and control to suit their own needs. Compared to shared hosting, VDS offers businesses more freedom and control over their website and server resources. Compared to dedicated servers, which need for buying or renting physical hardware, it is more affordable.

A kernel-based virtual machine (KVM) with completely dedicated CPU and memory resources is what the term “Cloud virtual dedicated server” (VDS) refers to. Because the underlying server hardware is not overbooked, stable workloads are guaranteed. To offer an even bigger performance improvement, Cloud VDS provides logical core pairs for each server that is associated with the same physical core.

A fully automated provisioning system that executes a multi-step server preparation process to provide you a clean and secure server each time on-demand deploys cloud VDS servers, which have pre-built resource capacity.

VDS ensures that every VDS user has total control over their server by having its own operating system, resources, and configuration, just like a dedicated server.

Users can set the server’s resources, such as the CPU, RAM, and storage, as well as install their operating systems, software, and applications using VDS. Users can also create backups and disaster recovery plans, as well as configure security settings.

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