Cloud VPS M


vCPU Cores 4
NVMe 50 GB or
SSD 200 GB
Bandwidth 10 TB



Fast & Flexible Cloud VPS

A virtual private server, or VPS, is a physical server that is controlled and maintained by a cloud or web hosting company. It serves as an isolated, virtual environment. Using virtualization technology, many private server environments can be created on a single physical computer using VPS hosting and sharing the same resources.

A VPS simulates a dedicated server hosting environment even if you share one physical server with other users. The operating system (OS) of the physical server is covered by a virtual layer known as a hypervisor, which is divided into virtual compartments by your hosting company. Each of these compartments may operate independently from one another because to this layer, which enables each to run its own OS and software.

Benefits of VPS


Compared to shared hosting, VPS hosting offers you greater stability and dependability. Very few servers are typically housed on a single node. This promotes uptime and performance.

Resources Are Dedicated

Your VPS’s complete resource allocation mirrors that of a dedicated server. Additionally, a VPS offers significantly more RAM and CPU power than shared hosting does.

Robust Performance

Any processes operating on their server will likewise execute more quickly and have a smaller influence on the ongoing operations. For instance, if you are sending out mass emails or backing up your files, your website won’t load slowly.

Easy Migration & Deployment

The environment is hosted in what is known as a container when you decide to host utilizing a VPS.  A certain quantity of resources are given to the container. The ability to swiftly and efficiently allocate containers with less or more resources as necessary is one of their strongest features.


VPS services are significantly less expensive than most people realize. It’s anticipated that prices will continue to decrease as a result of advancements in virtualization technologies.

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